Life at Guelph General Hospital


“GGH is like a big family. There are many different types of people in many departments. When we are hit with a crisis or an adverse event everyone seems to pitch in to help out. We had a staff member who took ill recently. There was a great response to this. Everyone chipped in to raise some much needed funds for this individual. It is such a good feeling that people care so much here not only for their patients but colleagues as well. Remember this wasn't a one time event. This has happened so many other times over my 20 years at the GGH. This just makes me proud to be a member of the GGH team.”



“I am so thankful to have joined the team at Guelph General. My first experience with GGH was as a student, and I was touched by the support, kindness, and encouragement I received. I knew immediately that this was a great place. People are so friendly and warm. I was so eager to join the team that I applied for a job outside of my field. I knew there would be opportunity for learning, growth, and movement. “


“It truly is a team environment where all staff, including senior administration have patient care in the forefront of their minds and actions. It permeates the organization.  It is the most pleasant place I have ever worked. I would recommend GGH to all my friends and family—something I have not been able to say about previous employers.  What are you waiting for? Come join our wonderful team today!”



“Where Home and Health Harmonize.  I am a recent new hire and have only been here a few short weeks. The passion for high quality patient care followed by the support of the very best in equipment that healthcare has to offer all done with a personal touch that is what Guelph General has shown me.  Not just its words, but in the actions of the employees here themselves. Cherishing experience Welcoming Change and Accepting the Exciting Future that Healthcare in Ontario has to offer. All done with the incredible support of the local community. Well done!”



“I never thought that I would enjoy working at a hospital and now that I have been at GGH for almost a year I couldn’t be happier!  My position in Food Services is rewarding, I work in a friendly community and for an organization that cares about the safety and happiness of every employee. ­ Who could ask for more?”



“I have been at GGH for over 20 years.  I can truly say that I have never gotten up in the morning and didn’t want to go to work.  GGH is an incredible place to work.  It has incredible people.”  



“Starting in March 2012, and completing all training and orientation, I was all set to "go it alone" for my first shift.

Excited and nervous, I was ready to embark on my new adventure. Apprehensive, as I am sure many new employees are, I was so grateful to discover how supportive and welcoming all my colleagues were (and still are!). So many people on- and off-unit took time out of their own busy days to answer questions, assist me in learning and being a great support. I have never felt alone. (I especially appreciate those who help to navigate my way through the maze of back halls to find my destinations!! :)

On a serious note, I am always impressed with the nursing staff, who even though work long hours and have demanding jobs, go the extra mile to make sure their patients are receiving the best care, and offer support to families during what can be a difficult time. I am proud to work for such a great facility.”



 “We have a lot of long-term service staff that work at the GGH, to me that speaks to what a great organization the General is… staff do not leave! I truly believe we have the best supports and opportunities for growth here at the General …. We are very lucky here!”



“I have a GGH memory that I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

I had just returned from a whole week of holidays and I noticed plans for a pre-summer department potluck which I thought was a great idea to start off the summer holiday time.  We signed up for bringing food or contributing for the food order.  I made my usual rounds to make sure that as many as possible were either bringing something or paying for the catered food.  On the day of the potluck I helped to get the tables etc. ready.  Once the food had arrived I went to help relieve staff for lunch.  I had just started a relief when a staff member came to tell me that our director needed to speak with me.  I left the room with the thought "what was up now?" as we had already had a few issues to deal with.  When I approached the lounge I discovered a room full of fellow staff members and that they had initiated the potluck in my honour to express their appreciation for all that I do on a daily basis to help make "things" run!!!  There was the lunch, cakes, a bouquet of red roses and a card filled with words of appreciation that made me cry.  It took a moment for me to understand that it was all meant for me.  I have never felt more honoured to be recognized by such a fine group of fellow workers.  I was very proud to be part of such a great team.

It has been my pleasure to work in the Guelph General OR for many years now and even though we all have "those days" I would not want to work any other place! We have just had the Open House for the start of the Hybrid Vascular OR and the beginning of a whole new chapter in the GGH OR.  Again I can only say what a wonderful team we have here and look forward to the great things to come!”



“It all started with an iPod from the Foundation Special Grant Program at GGH. One of our staff members downloaded at least 1000 tunes for our patients in Room 17 Chemo Suite.  We play different genres, from pop to classical.  One special song "You can ring my bell" by Anita Ward from the 70's has become a new favourite in our department.  When our patients have completed their chemo or any other celebratory events we put on You can Ring my Bell and all the nurses and the patient start to do their HAPPY DANCE and dance over to our BELL (which was made by one of our patients) and they proceed to ring the bell.

 We feel like one big happy family.  There are tears of joy, elation, and some sadness as their visits with us will be ending.  Our chemo nurses have the privilege to partake in the patient's journey and it is truly an honour to do so.

At GGH I feel blessed to be on such an awesome team, and we have the best team from all our support staff RN’s, RPN’s, clerical staff, pharmacy staff, dietary staff, housekeeping staff, social services, pastoral care and  our 2 physicians are amazing.   We work hard and we have fun too.  It's a balance that I love coming to work to.